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Massage Types

At stay in motion massage enjoy having the freedom to customize your massage with your therapist to fit your needs! At the start of your massage there will be a consultation where there will be an opportunity to address your needs and goals for that massage. Each massage will start with a consultation, for we understand your needs change. Below are descriptions of types of massages to give you a better idea about the type of massage you identify your needs.

Swedish Massage

This style of massage is composed of long light to firm pressured strokes to encourage one to relax mentally and physically. Superficial layers are targeted for a soothing massage and experience.

Swedish Massage 

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapist apply firm to deep pressure to reach deeper layers of the tissue to deactivate trigger points. Persons experiencing, for example, neck stiffness, and chronic pain in the lower back usually prefer this modality of massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Pain Relief Massage

Pain is a symptom of the source of the discomfort you experience. This type of massage strives to identify your pain patterns. Various techniques and pressures are employed to understand your connections, and source(s) of pain.

Pain Management Massage 

Sports Massage

If you are preparing for an event, or feel a need to relax tight and tensed muscles...this modality is perfect. Pressure is even throughout the massage session and can include possible stretching. Strokes are swift to bring more blood flow to the surface with a gentle rocking that is relaxing.

Sports Massage: Pre/Post Event Massage

Stretching Massage

Passive stretching is a stretch that requires no movement on your part to elongate the area stretched.

Active stretching is a stretch that involves you engaging the targeted muscle for that area stretched. It is more intense than the passive stretching, and results are quickly noticed in most cases.

Stretching: passive and/or active

Prenatal: This category is rooted in relaxing tense muscles just as any other massage modality. Your first trimester will be like any other massage where you can lay face up (supine) and, face down (prone). Starting in 12 weeks you will be in side lying position.

Postnatal: After labor and delivery you could possibly be in side lying position. This is based on your comfort. While pregnant your body releases the hormone Relaxin...it loosen your ligaments for flexibility in your bones, and aids in creating space for your baby to grow. In short, it causes pain. Your massage will fall into one of various categories above.


Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Your needs might fall into a few of the categories listed above, so the consultation is key to your massage needs and achieving goals for your physical health. Trust your therapist will guide you to maximizing your time for the best results in each session.