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About Stay in Motion Massage

With more than 13 years of healing through personalized massage therapy, Stay in Motion Massage approaches each massage with intent to heal and improve the mind-body connection.


Therapeutic options at Stay in Motion range from light pressure Swedish massage, medium to very deep pressure massage (depending on the client’s comfort). There is also the option to work towards health goals by employing active and passive stretching carefully for improved flexibility.

Outside of the hands-on treatment, we educate you on simple self-care techniques that can be performed on the job without being noticed (at a desk, driving, or standing), at home (watching your favorite show, listening to music or reading, or eating dinner), all without taking away from your ME time. Let’s share the responsibility of keeping you on the move and living life to the fullest.

We know questions will come up on your healing journey, so ask away!

Knowledge is power! So, educating you on your body makes the journey that much more focused.


Stay on the Move with Stay in Motion Massage!

About Our Youth Massage Program


Stay in Motion Massage was established in 2018 by Charica Bowen, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). 

We are proud to be the first in Indiana to host a program that lifts up the benefits of massage therapy for youth, and the lifelong benefits massage encompasses. Our youth massage program is designed to introduce the benefits of massage therapy. From Autism to Student-Athletes, massage therapy creates a compounding impact from maintaining muscle to improving mental health. 

To learn more about our Youth Massage Program or to sign up, call us!

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